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Vegan Wedding Catering: The Ultimate Guide

Veganism is now one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements - there’s been an almost 400% growth in the last 10 years - so I'm expecting the trend to become increasingly prominent for weddings. It's an opinion shared by my good friends over at Food Events, who recently released a whole set of menus especially for vegan weddings. They designed them to keep both the vegans and avid meat-eaters equally satisfied on your big day. As the experts in vegan wedding catering I've pick their brains to help you if you are one of the 500,000+ people in the UK who have adopted this plant-based diet. What was the catalyst for developing your vegan menus? We were asked to arrange a vegan wedding last year after looking at what kind of food we provide. Researching vegan food turned up interesting dishes which we felt would appeal to a wider clientele. Now all...

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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Fireworks


Fireworks are becoming an increasingly popular feature at weddings across the UK. One factor driving this popularity is that fireworks are more accessible than ever before. Yet, there are still a large number of couples looking ahead to their weddings that dismiss fireworks because they don’t realise how easy it could be to incorporate them into their day. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about wedding fireworks, kindly contributed by Wedding Fireworks. You Can Plan Them, Or Wait and See If You Have Budget Left! If you plan to have fireworks at your wedding from day one, and thus have catered for them in your wedding budget, then great. If you haven’t, then that doesn’t mean you cannot have them at your wedding should you decide you want them later. Even if you get a few weeks out from your wedding, and find you have even £500 - £1,000 left in...

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Everything you need to know about live wedding music

Wedding Music

Creating memorable events is all about stimulating all of the senses. With this in mind I'm delighted to bring you an interview with Victoria Turnbull, Founder of Farnham Wedding Music, to teach you everything you need to know about live music for your wedding day. Q: For someone who has never thought about their ceremony music, what are the 3 basics they need to know? A: Let’s start with the most important one, what are you going to walk down the aisle to? This piece of music is known as the processional. Traditionally these are quite stately pieces that aren’t too fast; you don’t want to be running down the aisle in your new heels! The next one to think about is the recessional, what are you going to walk out of your ceremony to? This is typically a brighter and livelier piece of music. The third piece you need to think about is would...

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Supplier Focus: Madhen Party Band

Every now and then you experience a supplier in action who just blows you away! This weekend I attended a black tie event at Grosvenor House, the highlight of which was the band. On the evening I knew nothing about them, except that they kept the dance floor full. Their voices, the outfits, the production, their moves and, most importantly, their mash-up style of song selections were all spot on. I had to find out who they were. A little research introduced me to Madhen, featuring Helen, Matthew, Martyn, Andy and Paul. It turns out they've done some seriously cool events, including the wedding of Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall. As always, this is my completely independent opinion, no sales link between us. If you're interested in Madhen check out their website ( Or if you want to talk to me about my recommended suppliers and how I can help create your dream...

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